As part of our program, we have assisted over 30 sites in treating patients clinically at their own institutions. This formal, freely accessible process starts with a 1 hour zoom conference call with the electrophysiologist, radiation oncologist, and physicist from both your institution and ours, where we discuss the overall process and any particulars about your specific case. We also open a secure, HIPAA compliant box folder for you to upload de-identified data, which usually includes a Power Point presentation of the case, any DICOM of MRIs, PETs, and CT from simulation, as well as any contours and dose if you’ve already done that, to assist us in helping you identify the target and develop a treatment plan.

If your site is interested in collaborating on specifics that surround the cardiac SABR workflow and/or specifics about your case, please contact our CNCR Coordinator, Kaitlin Moore, at